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Revelation Slidebar Faith Moves
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Revelation Slidebar Faith Moves

Brand: Waxing Poetic
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CPT#: 160384
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A revelation can change everything: set us free, open new avenues, remind us that however familiar we are with the world we can always be surprised and in this case, also serve as name for our new charm group.

See why it makes sense in this instance below:

A sidebar is the sort of comment that, while said a little off-stage/off-screen/off-to-the-side, changes everything (and often for the better). We thought it a fitting title for this particular pendant, given that the messaging here is at once playful, timely, and true - and a bit covertly. Good to wear, better to share, and made for all!

Sterling Silver & Brass

Charm Size: 1 5/8"

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