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Twisted Link Brass Chain With Silver Rings 18"
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Twisted Link Brass Chain With Silver Rings 18"

Brand: Waxing Poetic
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CPT#: 167978
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Textured, rope-like links make the Twisted Link Brass Chain beautiful on its own or adorned with tiny charms and heavier fare that are both welcome here.

Every so often, even the most beloved of habits (and by habits, here we refer to chains and the wearing of charms) need a little twisting to keep things interesting. Oh you say? Yes.
A chain to enchant and bewilder - in a good way. A bit edgier (or maybe we should say twistier) and fashion-forward than some other chains, this particular beauty is ready to hold and highlight any of your favorite (and future) Waxing Poetic charms while imbuing them with new stylistic life. If you'd rather wear it sans charms, it hangs prettily alone too.
Designed in California and made in Bali, with love, brass, and mischief.

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