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My Daddy MD Calligraphy Poem

My Daddy MD Calligraphy Poem

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Whenever daddy signs his name he always writes M. D.     That's so people all will know that he belongs to me.    For M. D. means "my daddy" or something just the same.     And that is why he always puts these letters by his name.     Some letters on his name are small, but these are not, you say,                                           he always makes them big like that because he's proud of me.. 

Beautiful framed calligraphy with the lettered poem My Daddy M.D in calligraphy by Lee Ann McGhee. Shown Inner Size 5 x 7 / Outer dimensions 8 x 10 

Choose from inner dimensionssizes 3,5 x 5 "   4 x 6 " or 5 x 7 ". 

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