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Dock 6 Pottery

About Dock 6
In 1995, Dock 6 was a group of just four potters sharing space and expenses. Because the original studio could only be entered from a loading dock (number 6, to be exact), the potters aptly agreed to name themselves Dock 6 Pottery. Since then, the studio has moved several times and the four potters have gone their separate ways, but the name has stuck.

These days, Dock 6 employs between 30 and 40 people at any given time, consists of a gallery, classroom, and 9,000 square foot production studio, and sells to more than 1,000 merchants all over the US.

About Kerry Brooks, Owner and Founder
I never dreamed I’d become a professional potter when I threw my first pot at age 26. While studying other things in college and graduate school, I continued to nurture my new hobby. By 1995 I was making a living as a potter and have been steadily expanding Dock 6 ever since.

Seeing someone use something I made is the best feeling in the world. Crafting beautiful objects that people use every day is what inspires me to keep creating. I think of every cup, plate, and coaster as a small piece of functional art; making this art accessible to everyday people makes my soul happy.