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#52 Blast From The Past Print David Lynch

#52 Blast From The Past Print David Lynch

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David Lynch is a celebrated Memphis based artist who feels the Heart & Soul of this great city in every brushstroke of paint applied.

This print reflects fond memories of Memphis Past...the Downtown Holiday Inn, the Lorraine Motel, the Elvis Pink Cadillac, the train that went downtown for a day of shopping, the favorite old time grocery store the Piggly Wiggly, the Memphis Chicks, pro baseball team, the Peabody Hotel, the Colliseum, EVERYONE'S favorite roller coaster, the Pippin' that was no lie was the best roller coaster ever! A basketball jersey from "Memphis State" which all of us old timers still call it, but technically its the "University of Memphis" Cool Vintage signs like King Cotton, Wells & Mullins Station.....the list goes on & on!

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