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Q. When do I use the Tranquilo Mat?

Tranquilo Mat can be used anytime, anywhere! The mat is easy to use during naps or bedtime, as well as mid-day meltdowns, and is especially good for colicky babies or those suffering from excessive gas.

Q. How do I turn the mat on/off and activate the vibration modes?
To turn the mat on, ensure working batteries are installed properly, the switch on the battery pack is in the ON position, and you press and hold the on-button on the mat for 4-5 seconds.

To switch between modes, press the mode button to cycle through the 5 different settings and find which one works best for your baby:
  • Low (mat turns on and starts from low)
  • Medium
  • High
  • Heartbeat 1
  • Heartbeat 2

Q. Should I use the Tranquilo Mat along with other soothing techniques?
While many parents find that the Tranquilo Mat works well alone, others may find that their little ones need a combination of techniques, such as:
using in combination with a swaddle blanket or pacifier
using the Tranquilo Mat in a swing
while holding their baby or baby wearing
with additional white or pink noise

Q. What are the most common ways and places to use the Tranquilo Mat?
Tranquilo Mat can be folded or rolled for easy transportation to wherever you and baby are going! Use it in baby’s car seat (on top of straps/baby only). Tuck the mat into your babywearing sling. Use it to calm crying baby in cribs, playpens, on floors, or even in your arms as you hold and comfort your little one. Be sure to follow all safety instructions for the Tranquilo Mat and any other infant support device you may be using.

Q. When should I start using the Tranquilo Mat?
Unless your newborn is a preemie (less than 37 weeks), you can start using Tranquilo with your baby as soon as it is delivered! The product works best for younger babies 0-4 months or during the “4th trimester” as Dr. Harvey Karp calls it. Of course, as babies age, they learn more self-soothing techniques and cry more often for specific reasons (dirty diaper, hungry, teething, etc). Fortunately, the Tranquilo Mat can still be helpful helping older babies learn to sleep alone in their cribs or while traveling away from home.

Q. Are Tranquilo Mat’s safe for babies?
Tranquilo Mat has been tested by a third party laboratory in the U.S. We have carefully sought out, tested, and selected only phthalate-free, BPA-free, and lead-free components including all components encased in the waterproof barrier. Common sense safety considerations are included in our labeling and use instructions.
Regarding the safety of vibrations, there is currently no clinical data regarding vibrations being harmful to babies and similar vibrating baby products have been on the market and in use for at least 10 years without any known ill effects. In terms of noise level, remember that a baby is accustomed to living among the varied and constant sounds of the womb, which generally measure  about 80-90 decibels. Tranquilo Mat’s comforting white sound is at maximum 65 decibels.

Q. How long does the Tranquilo Mat take to work?
Every baby reacts differently. Many find it instantly soothing, calming in just seconds. Some babies, however, may need an adjustment period to get used to the mat. If your baby does not immediately respond or becomes more upset with the mat’s use, it could be they require a different mode setting (see above for how to change modes) or it could simply be because they’re in pain, hungry, or need a diaper change. In rare cases, we recommend that you try out the mat while holding your baby when he or she is content and happy. For these more sensitive babies, a gradual introduction can help them adjust to the Tranquilo Mat. Over time, the child associates the product with the comfort of mom and dad’s embrace and is more responsive to the mat's soothing when upset.

Q. Can I leave my baby alone with Tranquilo Mat on?
Tranquilo Mat was designed to be a safe and portable baby-soothing option, not an overnight white noise machine. In addition, the mat adds extra material to cribs so we wouldn’t advise leaving your baby alone with the mat for an extended period of time. If you wish to use the mat to help baby sleep we recommend opting for the 60-minute shut-off function. After reading all of the instructions and warnings and accepting full responsibility for how you choose to use the product, you are free to make any decision that works best for your child and family.

Q. Does the Tranquilo Mat have an age limit or weight limit?
There is no age or weight limit with the Tranquilo Mat. In fact, many older children and adults have admitted that they also find Tranquilo Mat’s sounds and motions soothing, so don’t be surprised to find yourself curling up with your baby’s vibrating mat someday! The amount of weight on top of the mat may affect the strength of the vibrations or the battery life. With more weight on the mat, the motors have to work a bit harder and thus vibrations may be slightly dampened and battery life reduced.

Q. How long can I use the Tranquilo Mat before I need to replace batteries?
The way you use your Tranquilo Mat affects how long the batteries will last. Using the lowest setting will allow more run time than using it on high, while using the product directly with baby will allow the batteries to last longer than if you place the product under a crib mattress. If used all night on high under a crib mattress, you might only get 8 - 12 hours of continuous use out of a set of standard batteries. To conserve batteries, we recommend using the 60-minute auto-off function. We recommend purchasing rechargeable AA-batteries to use with your Tranquilo Mat. Please note that if your mat turns on but then turns off when you try to change the mode, that’s a sign that the batteries need to be changed.

Q. Is the Tranquilo Mat washable?
The 100% cotton cover is removable and can easily be laundered. The waterproof sleeve can be wiped down with a cloth. Do not submerge any part of the mat in liquids—the mats were designed to be waterproof only for added safety to protect the electronic components from any baby mess not for use underwater.

Q. What are Tranquilo Mat’s vibration levels? 

Tranquilo Mat comes with three different speeds—low, medium, and highto help parents customize the vibrations and white noise to match their baby’s needs. Some babies only need a little extra soothing so using Low might work well. Other babies need more soothing power so using High might be best for them. In addition, there are two heartbeat modes that mimic the rhythmic pulsations of maternal blood flow—a baby’s favorite soothing womb-like motion and sound.

Q. Is there an automatic shut-off function?
Yes! First turn the mat on by pressing and holding the power button for five seconds, then after the vibrations turn on continue to hold the power button an additional five seconds to activate the 60-seconds auto off. You do not turn the mat on by pressing for 5 seconds and then take your finger off the on button and press again for 5 seconds as that will simply turn the mat off.

Melissa’s Bio

A maternity nurse for over six years at some of Boston’s most prestigious hospitals, Tranquilo Mat inventor Melissa Gersin has a wealth of knowledge in obstetrics, including Labor and Delivery and Mother and Baby Care.

After attending a workshop based on the ideas of renowned author and pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp and his book The Happiest Baby on the Block, Melissa became an Infant Crying Specialist and successfully used constant motion and calming sounds reminiscent of the womb to calm hundreds of newborn patients.

As she witnessed the struggles many new and veteran parents had trying to soothe their fussy babies, she began to envision a portable and versatile solution that parents could use anywhere, anytime.

Melissa is passionately dedicated to helping empower parents with the tools they need to create peaceful bonds with their babies.