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Cooling  Cleansing Face and Skin Wipes

Cooling Cleansing Face and Skin Wipes

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Our Cooling + Cleansing Wipes keep your face and body fresh wherever the day takes you. Gym, office, oars or alps. Size: 14 individually wrapped wipes per box. (8 × 10 " towels) 

  • With Arctic Blue Ice Crystals to cool you down and exfoliate.
  • Caffeine to soothe puffy, tired skin.
  • Menthol to energize and refresh.
  • Ginseng root extract helps stimulate and activate skin's metabolism to purge free radical build up caused by sun and pollution skin is exposed to.

How To Use:

  • Wipe the Arctic Blue Ice Crystal side across skin to exfoliate and remove dirt and sweat
  • Use the other side to get a cooling caffeine boost
  • Can be used on face, arms, legs, and chest
  • No rinsing necessary
  • Do not flush

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