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Lg Round Salad  Bowl

Lg Round Salad Bowl

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Large Round Salad Prep Bowl, Clear Serving Bowl 1 Pc, 63 oz

About this product

Glass Mixing Bowls for Kitchen, Large Round Salad Prep Bowls, Clear Serving Bowls, 1 Pc, 63.75 oz (1,880 Cc)

FUNCTIONAL AND STYLISH DESIGN: This large mixing bowl is perfectly designed with high technology and will reflect the charm of glass in your kitchen. You can easily use this stylish and functional set for your cooking preparation, snacks, salads, appetizer, starters, fruits, or any kind of treats.

HIGH-QUALITY DURABLE GLASS: The glass mixing bowl is made of high-quality durable glass in Europe.

These prep bowls are resistant to breakage. Also, they are dishwasher and microwave safe.

HEALTHY AND FOOD SAFE: These lead-free glass bowls are healthier than plastic and metal ones. Glass is made from all-natural, 100% recyclable, and environmentally friendly.

LARGE SIZE SERVING BOWL: With a capacity of 63.75 ounces (1,880 ccs), these big bowls offer an ideal area of usage. GREAT GIFT IDEA: If you are looking for a gift, make sure that it is a great gift idea for Christmas.

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