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Magdalena 6mm Pearl Cream Classic Medallion Bespoke San Benito

Magdalena 6mm Pearl Cream Classic Medallion Bespoke San Benito

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Magdalena 6mm Pearl Cream Classic Medallion Bespoke San Benito. 

A VSA original. The San Benito medallion, a symbol of protection. represents the ancient prayer of Saint Benedict.  It  features the first letter of each word from the ancient prayer inscribed in Latin.  “May the holy cross be my light and the dragon never be my guide.”  The Magdalena style with 4 separate strands can be worn five different ways, versatile enough to accessorize any outfit from jeans to dressy.  (Shown- Gold w/ Swarovski Crystals)  Length may be adjusted from the 18-20“ close to the neck 4 strand choker look all the way to 32” long depending on how the 4 strands are adjusted. The even sided cross promising unity and peace to all who wear it. Wear it and believe.

There's a reason that the San Benito is one of our bestsellers. As an ancient symbol of peace, this handmade bracelet features a patron saint who represents strength and conviction. Refined for modernity yet inspired by hundreds of years of spirituality, this is a precious bespoke bracelet that will be coveted for generations. This style, designed over two decades ago, and born from a rosary, the Magdalena necklace is a force of strength and creativity. There's a reason that some of the most creative people in the music industry, including celebrities, and Grammy award-winning, pop stars, have worn and carried this powerful virgin saints and angels necklace symbol in Mexico by hand this necklace is made up of an assortment of unique vintage beads.


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