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Neck & Body Wrap For Sore Muscles

Neck & Body Wrap For Sore Muscles

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Soothe & relax your body today with this microwavable body wrap. In 100% cotton this wrap is filled with wheat blended with pure lavender leaf to create a therapeutic wrap that can be used hot or cold to ease, relax & see your body. And that subtle lavender fragrance this is the perfect treat for you as well as an ideal gift for loved ones.

Use warming on aching muscles, for stress & to relieve joint pain, or chilled to reduce inflammation, ease sprains & bruises & relieve headaches

Shoulder Wrap

Ease tension around neck & shoulder area designed to gently mold to the contours of your shoulders. When microwaved it produced a combination of therapeutic heat & relaxing fragrances of lavender, mandarin & geranium. 

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