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Shiny and Smooth Bracelet

Shiny and Smooth Bracelet

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This bracelet was designed with the Shiny and Smooth Bar in the middle, is of great elegance and stylish in design. 

The Shiny and Smooth is designed to wear everyday or a night on the town. The Silver Bar has a high relection of light.  The eyes are drawn automatically to the fingers to show off your manicure or diamond rings. This is a must for every collector. 

My father spoke of grace and elegance and of things being "Shiny and Smooth."  He said that my mother was very beautiful even though she did not wear much make up.  He said she looked so beautiful and that she was shiny and smooth. 

Mom & Dad were the absolute best parents to be around.  They spoke of tiny things that were important in life but with only a few words.  

Here is to all of you being "Shiny and Smooth" in all parts of your life.  

May God Bless.

Ronnie Needham

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