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When I Dream I Still Sing Bracelet

When I Dream I Still Sing Bracelet

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When I was little my dad always got up early on Saturday mornings and one day i decided to rise early at 6;00 am and decided to ask him why he got up so early.  He asked, "Do you know why the trees grow upward and the brances spread out?"  I said , "no,"  He told me that the birds all over the whole world got up in the moring to sit on the branches to sing praises to the Lord, I heard so many birds singing and it was amazing. I was 6 years old, and my dad picked me up and put me on his lap and and he sang,

"For God so loved the little birds I know He loves me too, He loves me too. He loves me too.  For God so loved the little birds I know He loves me too.

A single tear fell from my eye and ran down my cheek Dad is an Angel now, but in my dreams we sit on the front porch and sing together.  I am 6 years ago, and we sing together,  I love you Dad.


When I designed this dracelet I I put 3 pairs of gold beads t-wo for the past, -two for the present and t-wo for the future

so I can sing wih tmy dad.  


Love , Ronnie Needham 



Two Tone  with open oblong "frame" containing tiny silver beads that have the appearance of grapes on intertwined gold wire.  All gold band with gold wraps.  

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